How to handle Stale checks from prior financial years

Though, I’ve got a couple of things we can do to take care of this. In case you have more questions or concerns about voiding a check, tag my name in the comment section. I need to void a check from 2021, as it was lost in the mail. I was thinking to do a General Journal entry to decrease Account Payable and increase Cash. But in this case I have this transaction on the Accounts Payable Aging report , as A/P account is involved.

  • Having to scroll down 20+ lines of useless transactions to get to the current date is bothersome.
  • To start, let’s secure a backup copy of your company file to ensure you have the original data.
  • However, you’ll need to consult your accountant first before trying out this option to ensure if this is the best practice for your business.
  • Both transactions will not be shown in your actual bank statement since they were not actually taken out of the actual account.
  • If you’ve already reconciled the account and the items in the register are credit card transactions, you must reverse those charges using the most recent posting date.

Clear them in your account register so your future reconciliations will not have any discrepancies from previous periods. I appreciate you for joining this thread, Dam26. We’re unable to reverse a voided paycheck in QuickBooks.

Run the Uncleared Transactions Report in QuickBooks Desktop

You can reconcile or correct the entries if necessary without causing a mess. To maintain the accuracy of the record transaction, you should clear any uncleared transactions in your account. You can quickly identify all the uncleared checks and clear them by running the uncleared transactions report in QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online. The first thing you need to do is to void the old check. If you have a lot of uncleared checks or if you don’t use the bank reconciliation feature in Sage 50, it could take a little while for the void window to open.

I’ll be sharing details on how voiding a check from previous period works in QuickBooks Desktop. Then, ensure you’ll be routed to the right person to further assist you with this matter so you can achieve your goal. I have entered a deposit to offset a check that has not cleared from the previous year, when I reconcile these are not clearing. I have done this before and it has been successful , I do not know why it is not working this time, I have not double entered any of these. If the payee says the check was never received, the company should issue a replacement check for $124 and send it to the payee.

This is the reason why it’s showing an incorrect balance amount on your Reconciliation Report. Replacing the previous bookkeeper and I’m finding all these transactions when reconciling. These are years old and there are many of them.

How to write off outstanding checks

How can we remove customer payments and deposits that show in our uncleared payments and deposits report? When we reconcile the bank statements we are seeing lots of items that have not cleared the bank. Once balance sheet you have the check highlighted in the list, you need to set the Void Date at the top right of this window. The void date is very important, and it is probably the most common trouble area in this process.

Treatment of Uncleared Checks in Bank Reconciliation Statement

If the two accounts receivables are still uncleared, so you can leave those transactions as is as mentioned by my colleague above. However, if they’re already cleared or reconciled by still showing, I highly suggest contacting our Support team. They have tools that can pull up your account in a secure environment and investigate this further.

How confident are you in your long term financial plan?

However, when I generated the reconciliation report, I see more than $530K in uncleared cheques and $80K in uncleared deposits. When you do your next bank reconciliation, check off BOTH check #1234 and deposit #1234FIX. The net effect will be to add the $50 back to your MoneyMinder balance. You’ll want to reach out to your accountant before making any changes to make sure that your bank account is reconciled properly.

How do you treat unpresented checks in a bank reconciliation?

Or an outstanding check has yet to be cashed and back through your bank by the time you get your monthly statement. Or they can be future transactions that you added with a previous date in error. But if you delete a valid transaction be prepared to restore it as it was once it clears. If you regularly reconcile your bank accounts in QuickBooks Online, you may quickly see whether any checks are still pending for clearance. As you can see, we have reconciled this to zero, but there are still items here that are uncleared, so your task is not finished yet. These are the unpaid checks that you have sent out, used to pay bills or purchase items with checks.


This is the date on which Peachtree will post the negative payment. If you discover that you need to void a check right away, the void date could be the same as the original check date. But if you discover it later, especially if the month has been closed, your void date should probably be today. If you change the date to sometime in a prior month, you will change that month’s ending balances by the amount of the check. After you have set the date correctly, click the Void button at the bottom of the window, When you are done voiding checks, click Close. One of the biggest causes of the bank balance and QuickBooks balance on your banking or transactions page in QuickBooks Online differing is unpaid checks.